welcome to plastic surgery addicts anonymous. i’m seeing a lot of new faces in the crowd this week and i just have to say i’m really disappointed

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The unsung heroes.

That was one of the most horrifying, painful, beautiful parts of the movie.  So many of them weren’t prepared, so many were administrators who had no clue that the STRIKE teams had turned, let alone that a killing machine like the Winter Soldier was on the loose.  

So many of them died.

And yet none of them hesitated.  Despite the propaganda Pierce had unleashed, despite their orders, despite everything, they still responded.  Their sacrifice, their heroism - they gave the last full measure of devotion, and I can’t imagine that Steve wouldn’t attend the memorial service, even if he had to use a wheelchair or a cane because his own wounds hadn’t finished healing.

"Captain’s orders" indeed.

without these people, there IS no Captain America.

At it’s heart, Captain America is more an ideal than a person. Just because Steve is the spokesman for that ideal doesn’t mean he’s the only representation of it.

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me: *gets good grade on a test*

me: *does the rei laugh*

me: *gets bad grade on a test*

me: *does the rei scream*


Why do movies show “nerdy girls” as carrying a billion books, and then portray them as physically weak? If a girl can carry the harry potter series, the lotr trilogy, and all of her textbooks then she can probably lift the protagonist football star and throw him across the football field

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english commentators: and he's scored the goal!

spanish commentators: *air horns, wild screaming, tears are everywhere, world war three has started in the stands and the commentator has still not taken a breath*


when i was a little kid i got bullied on the playground so my mom asked me “what did jesus do when people were mean to him?” and i thought about it for a second and then started crying and screamed “he DIED”

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